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Entries from April 2008

Mind Control Marketing-4 tactics for free


Tweet Here’s how to get those 4 mind control techniques. Go to: And read the sales copy. They’re in there. But before you go, read this first. A couple of days ago, I made a blog post about the re-release of the controversial book called “Mind Control Marketing.” The book is written by Mark […]

Mind Control Marketing- 500 bucks for 27 bucks


Tweet Would you pay 27 bucks to get 500? Who wouldn’t, right? The problem is, you wouldn’t believe the offer. And this is the primary problem with most businesses. You have something that will change peoples’ lives, but they just don’t believe you – because, well, not everyone is honest like you. How do you […]

REO properties- How to get FREE access to thousands of real estate owned homes


Tweet It’s Peter here again… Today I want to give you another free resource…Actually 9 of them. These resources are for REO properties which are multiplying like termites in an infested home. For those of you that had to deal with termites know exactly what I’m talking about. Fun, isn’t it? Anyways, before I give […]