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Entries from March 2009

Go Be Productive Discount & Stop Wasting Your Important Hours


Tweet This past week, Jeff Vacek came out with his “Go Be Productive Course.” I know what you are thinking!  Yup, another time management course.  And yes, this is another time management course but what’s different here is how Jeff is teaching his time management secrets. In his Go Be Productive course, Jeff Vacek gives […]

How To get Thousands Of Targeted Real Estate People Using Twitter


Tweet Couple of weeks ago, I wrote about twitter for real estate and how powerful it can be to drive quality, targeted traffic to your real estate site.  In the post titled: How To Drive Traffic & Execute Real Estate Marketing On Twitter I gave away some simple, yet powerful steps to get yourself ton […]

Jeff Adams’ Foreclosure Profits System Ultimate R.E.M. Bonus


Tweet For the past week and a half, Jeff Adams has been giving out some really good content on his foreclosure profits system.  One of his free videos revealed the 3 strategies Jeff uses in his business to make money in foreclosures around the country.  These strategies were something else. Today March 10, 2009, Jeff […]

How To Drive Traffic & Execute Real Estate Marketing On Twitter


Tweet As you can see, I post some really useful stuff here on this blog so bookmark it and give me your input in the comments below. Just don’t SPAM the comments area with self promotion because I might have to remove the post.  I want everyone here to benefit and gain some really good […]