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Entries from October 2009

How You Can Learn The Secrets That Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe & Starbucks Paid Millions Of Dollars for 100% FREE!


Tweet Hello my fellow Real Estate Black Book readers, I hope your day is going great.  Mine is going great and really busy 🙂  I was about to post my second part of the 11 ways to drive traffic to your real estate website when I remembered that I had to share the following resource […]

11 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Real Estate Website – Part 1


Tweet One of the most frequent questions I get from my students and subscribers is about getting more traffic to their real estate website.  I know, I know.  It can be tough.  Especially if you don’t know of some killer traffic generation strategies.  Well, as I sometimes say, “Have no fear because Peter Kolat is […]

How To Write Killer Real Estate Ads That Will Have Buyers Tripping Over Themselves To Buy Your House


Tweet One of my students emailed me one of his real estate ads had on craigslist and several other websites.  He wanted me to give him some feedback because he was not receiving any leads from them.  So, being the nice guy I am :), I looked at his ads and replied to him with […]

How To Get Your Site Discovered by Search Engines & Get Automatic Traffic To Your Real Estate Website


Tweet One of the most frequent questions I receive from my subscribers and students is:  “My real estate website does not  get indexed.  It’s not on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. What do I need to do, who do I have to pay to get my site indexed on Google?” Well, let me […]