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Entries from January 2010

How To Get On 1st Page of Google For Highly Competitive Real Estate Terms Using Social Media Marketing


Tweet Hi everyone, Have I got a video for you today!  Woow.  When I first discovered this new feature, my head was spinning with excitement and coming up with ideas like crazy.  Here’s the best part:  Google is BETA TESTING this new feature so you are one of the first people who knows about this.  […]

How To Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever- Powerful Free Videos Inside


Tweet 2010 is here! Looking back at 2009, I cannot believe how fast that year went and how much I have accomplished during that year in my life.  But that’s not what this post is about today.  Today’s post is ALL ABOUT YOU.  That’s right. I want YOU to have the best year ever and […]