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What Does Jim Carrey & Real Estate Marketing have in Common? – Part 1

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

How often do you watch TV?  Hopefully not very often.  Instead, you work on your business.  That’s what I have learned to do.  I try to watch as little TV as possible and focus on my family and my business.  When I do end up watching TV, it’s with my wife and we either watch “House” or rent a movie.  Ever since we started dating, we would rent a movie once in a while, sit down and watch it together.  It’s something we like to do, just the two of us.

But why am I telling you this?  Don’t worry, there is a reason and I’ll tie it to your business and show you couple of success secrets that will help you take your business to the next level.  Don’t believe me, just keep on reading?

Last night, my wife Laura and I, ended up watching a movie called “Yes man” with Jim Carrey.  I really like Jim Carrey. I think the guy is really funny.  I also think that one of the reasons he is so successful in the movie business is because he stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Not only is he funny, but he can twist and change his face expressions like nobody else.  Grant it, sometimes he does overact but that’s what works for him.  That’s his character and that’s why he is so popular. That’s probably why I like him so much.  On a side note, one of my other favorite actors of all time is Chris Farley, specifically his movie “Tommy Boy.”  He was really funny and he stood out from the crowd as well.

So How Can Jim Carrey & Chris Farley Help Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level?  How can these two guys help you become more successful in your business?  Simple.  You and your business need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  It’s not that hard when it comes to your local market but when you get on the internet, the competition is much bigger.  That’s why you need something that will take you to the next level and make you more noticeable.

How can you be more noticeable?  How can you rise above the competition?

Here’s how….

You need to figure out your unique angle.  Think about your personality.  Everyone you know has a different personality.  Is there something about you, your personality, your business, your looks, your service and anything else that you can think of that people recognize and remember you by?

Let me give you an example.  I was thinking about this for a long time and one of the things that make me different is the fact that I’m Polish and like to sometimes make fun of myself.  Back in February, I had the privilege of going to an event which was attended by dozens of big names in the real estate industry.

One of my main goals was to build relationship with many people and make sure that they remember me for months and even years to come.  Do you think that they remember the Polish guy from the event?  You bet they do and I have several comments to prove it.

If me, The Polish guy can be successful doing real estate internet marketing and teaching real estate investors how to market their business and properties on the internet, then anyone can do it, right?  Think of all of the Polish jokes 🙂

What about those big companies such as Starbucks (the best coffee from the best beans from wherever they get their beans-they have a story behind them) to Best Buy (they have the Geek Squad).  They have that unique feature about them that makes them stand out from their competitors.

Here’s How You Can Use This Success Principle to Take Your Business To The Next Level

So, what I want you to do today is think really hard about your personality, your business, your service, your looks, your features and anything else you can think of.  Then write them all down on a piece of paper and see which one works best for you.  Remember, it has to be something that’s already apart of you and that you love using/doing because if it isn’t, it’s going to be really hard for you to keep that up for years to come.

One last thing you can do is ask your family, friends and even your clients.  They’ll tell you.  Better yet, they have probably already told you this many times.  Then, once you GET IT, exploit it, use it in your marketing, your business and your interactions with your clients.

In my next post, I’ll tell you about the second principle that’s even more powerful.  Personally, I love it and I think it can help your business in a big way.

Now it’s your turn….

What is your USP?

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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28 Comments on “What Does Jim Carrey & Real Estate Marketing have in Common? – Part 1”

  1. Rick Boyer |

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Real Estate Guru |

    Thanks for the great real estate marketing advice. You suggest methods I never even considered! I am definitely going to try these out. I will let you know how they work out!

  3. Nick |

    Oh boy… here comes that Polish guy again!


  4. Peter- REBB Founder |


    Watch it buddy 🙂 I know who you are 🙂

  5. benjamin Sager |

    Hi, great blog you got here. And I love your post, really helpful. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Rod |

    Hi Peter,

    You are so right.
    Recently my wife and I were in Nashville Tennessee, the country music capital of the world. We had visited several of the local establishments to partake in joys of listing to fine country music or you might say we were bar hopping and getting ripped.

    If you have never been to Nashville I encourage you to go. This is the place every hopeful country music performer goes to be discovered and there is a lot of talent concentrated in this little town. The talent is amazing.

    Well anyway we were in this little joint off some back alley and there was this older gentleman next to us that was singing and dancing just having a good time. I started talking to him. His name was Jr. He was 77 years old and he came to Nashville fifty-seven years ago. He has seen a lot. After trying to make it big he became a very successful Back-up Singer and had work for many of the big time artist.

    I asked Jr. “Why is it, out of all the great talent that is in Nashville, there’s only a hand full that really make it big?” He said pretty much the same thing you said Peter.
    He said, any one can copy and try to sound like the greats. But the person that is unique and different and sets their selves apart is the one that stands out of the crowed and is noticed. They may write their own songs, have a different sound or look. What ever that unique thing is that makes them different. There is one thing that is common but noticed.
    It comes from the heart.

    All the best,

  7. Dirnov |

    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

    Comment Tags: MESSAGE
  8. Peter- REBB Founder |


    Thanks for sharing your story with us Rod. I’ve heard of Nashville before from other people. I’ve never been there but I’ll definately need to visit that city. The man you spoke to seems like he was a really good man and has been able to experience a lot during his life.

    I agree with him and agree with your last sentence. That’s why I said at the end of the article that you have to LOVE what you do. Otherwise, it’s going to be really hard for you to succeed.

    Thanks again and keep sharing those stories with us 🙂

    Peter Kolat

  9. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Thanks Dirnov. I appreciate it and would love to see you come back here again. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Peter Kolat

  10. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @benjamin Sager

    Anytime Benjamin. Let me know if you have any questions and/or something else you would like me to write about.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  11. David Boon |


    Wonderful, actually I was looking for this. Your post is really well to increase knowledge.

    Keep it up.

  12. Kris Kirschner |

    How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a newbie 🙁

  13. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Originally Posted By Kris Kirschner
    How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a newbie 🙁

    You can add yourself to the rss feed by clicking on the subscribe text along with the little red tag that’s in the top right corner of this post. It’s located under the “Blog Lunge” link.

    Peter Kolat

  14. karenhamilton |

    Even though my English not so good, I have really enjoyed looking at your blog posts. Thank you.

  15. How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days |

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be coming back to your site.

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  16. Jason |

    It is a very interesting analogy that you present in the article. I have long been a fan of Jim Carrey, as well as the real estate industry and have had the pleasure to teach a number of real estate agents the ins and outs of real estate marketing.

    Being different in any industry or niche, is the best way to get noticed. The biggest problem many people face is that being different and setting yourself out there can be difficult, especially at first, but once you break the ice and get past the comments things will begin to make a change for the better.

    Thank you for the inspiration, I am off to read part two of this article now!

  17. Larry Luke |

    Really insightful posts here. Glad I finally found this place.

  18. John S. |

    Do you outsource your graphic work for your website? I like them and would be interested in knowing who did yours!

  19. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Which graphics are you referring to John? I did this website myself. However, the ebook cover in the top right corner of this blog was outsourced. Now in days, I outsource all of my graphics. You can find some good graphic designs are places link,, You’ll find cheaper graphic designers on those websites. Cons: They’re not always the best.

    Here are the graphics designers that I recommend but are more expensive:,, and These are the graphics designers that a lot of internet marketers use in their businesses.

    Hopefully this helps,

    Peter Kolat

    Originally Posted By John S.
    Do you outsource your graphic work for your website? I like them and would be interested in knowing who did yours!

  20. Ashley Madison Agency |

    Its always fun reading your blog. Thanks for posting this!

  21. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @Ashley Madison Agency

    Thanks Ashley. I always love writing on my blog and seeing comments just like yours. Thank you and come back soon.

    Peter Kolat

  22. Iago |

    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

  23. Sarah |

    You know Peter, I blogged about this very subject recently on my blog. Your article has really provided me with some food for thought, I feel you made some interesting points. I really wish I’d seen it earlier, before I wrote my own blog post.

  24. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @Sarah @ Locksmiths Brighton

    Thanks for your comment Sarah. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

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