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Your clients need your empathy… and they want it BAD!

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

I’m BACK! I know. It’s been a while but the week long business
seminar was something extraordinary. I’ve been to several seminars
but this was better than all of the previous seminars.

Let me explain…

First, the two main guys that formed this seminar are legends in their
own right. Rich Schefren is one of the best business building guys
you will ever meet, besides Jay Abraham of course. Rich has this
great way to make things work, set up successful businesses, and
market like no one else.

Jay Abraham is pretty much the one and only business building go-to
guy. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, coached some of the
biggest names on the planet, and developed strategies that rake in
millions for his clients.

But enough about that. As I promised you before the event, I am
going to share with you some of my insights, AHA moments and great
business ideas that you can implement in your own business.

So…here’s business insight #1

One of the foundational pillars (that’s what Jay calls them) to your
success is the ability to have enormous empathy with your clients.
You need to sell your leadership and empathy to them. You need to be
able to communicate and convey to your clients the essence of the fact
they you feel the way they do.

What does that mean? You need to feel their pain, understand their
problem, and really be there for them. In other words, tell them
“I feel the way you feel. I understand what your problem is.”

Help them focus on issues they’d never fully verbalize. Even though
these people are in trouble and/or pain, they are sometimes very
confused. They are struggling to get the picture of what it looks
like, the picture of what they feel.

If you can give that to them, you will be more successful. I know
that you probably heard the above insight before. But I don’t think
you have heard it on this level. Just think about it for a second.
You really need to get in their shoes and put their needs/wants ahead
of yours. If you can do that, money will come to you.

So next time you meet with a distressed homeowner, really listen to
them and be there for them. Give them your empathy. You’ll see how
they’ll react.

That’s all for today. I’ll have another insight in the next few days
for you. Enjoy and I hope your year has been going great for you
so far.

Before I leave off here, I want you to tell me. What is your reaction to
that business insight? Do you agree or disagree with it? Maybe you
are already using it in your own business? Tell me your insight 🙂


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2 Comments on “Your clients need your empathy… and they want it BAD!”

  1. Cadeo Jackson |

    Very good post but difficult to understand cause I’m spanish speaker 😉

  2. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Hi Cadeo,

    Thanks for commenting on here. I appreciate it.

    As far as your comment, if you are using Firefox, I think they have an addon to your browser that will allow you to translate pages into Spanish.

    I took Spanish in High school but I don’t know enough to tell you more. 🙂

    I wish I would have known more though.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

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