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Your motivated seller wants to FEEL GOOD, not DUMB

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

Peter here, with another business insight…

As I continue to write to you about my business insights, I hope you
really read them, think about them, internalize them and USE them.
Even though these insights are not tactics or techniques, I know that
you might have been hoping for that, they are extremely powerful.

Think about it…

These insights did not come from some jackass who makes himself look
like a millionaire. These insight came from 2 guys that know, and I
mean really know, what they are talking about. They have multi-million
dollar businesses. They’ve build multi-million dollar businesses.

So pay attention here and USE this to your advantage…

Business Insight #2
People in general, let it be your clients, customers, friends, or
anybody else including you and me, want very badly to feel good
about themselves, their actions and the way they make their decisions.

Think about that for a second… I think that is so true. I know
that I want to feel good about myself, my decisions and my actions.
I don’t want to make the wrong decision. And I get you don’t either.

So, because of that fact, people will take less action because they
are afraid it won’t be right. They think they’ll look dumb. They
think they’ll screw up.

Your job, when it comes to your real estate business, is to
acknowledge that reality and compensate around it.

So, next time you meet your motivated seller, you’ll know what they
are really thinking about inside their head. Obviously, they have a
problem. Hopefully, you will have a solution for them. But you
will need to acknowledge that and figure out a way to make them
feel good, understand their problem, and figure out a solution for it.

Talk to them. Tell them about your insight. Make them feel good
about their decision. Put them at ease. Reassure them. Direct them
towards your action, goal, while making sure that they feel good
about their decision.

I don’t mean that you should lie to them to get them to sign that
contract. Be truthful and transparent. They will gravitate to you
and seek your advice. They will start to trust you. This is
extremely important.

Because if they don’t, you know they will back out, maybe not right
then and there, but they will later. Am I right? How many times
did that happen, right?

This post is getting a little long. So, in my next post, I’ll
continue with my business insights.

I would ask you post your comments here. Do you like
these business insights? Do you want me to continue with them? let me know.

Oh, if you missed Business Insight #1, it is under “business insights” category.

To Your Success,


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