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W.I.I.F.M.- How to use those 5 letters to close more deals


Tweet Here’s business insight #3 for you. I’ll get right to it because this insight is very important. It’s an obvious one but you probably haven’t thought about it for a while. maybe you haven’t realized it yet. if you haven’t, think about it because this idea has the power to change how you run […]

Your motivated seller wants to FEEL GOOD, not DUMB


Tweet Peter here, with another business insight… As I continue to write to you about my business insights, I hope you really read them, think about them, internalize them and USE them. Even though these insights are not tactics or techniques, I know that you might have been hoping for that, they are extremely powerful. […]

Your clients need your empathy… and they want it BAD!


Tweet I’m BACK! I know. It’s been a while but the week long business seminar was something extraordinary. I’ve been to several seminars but this was better than all of the previous seminars. Let me explain… First, the two main guys that formed this seminar are legends in their own right. Rich Schefren is one […]