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How You Can Win the Real Estate Investing Software Contest

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

I’ve got an increadible piece of software for you to win but before I give you the details, I have an update for you…

To say the least, things have been pretty crazy around here. Besides the fact that I’ve been bombarded with emails, big amounts of traffic to the site that has caused couple of issues and fixing IE script bugs (good old Internet Explorer), I have been working on something else for you.

For the past few days, I have been polishing up and adding few more resources to the Real Estate Black Book to help you even more in your real estate business.

Sleeping at night has been a rarity the past few days but I love it. This is my passion and I am happy that I can provide you with some great information to help you succeed in your business.

There has been some buzz surrounding the black book. I have been receiving a lot of emails from people asking me about the ebook, my free videos I have been releasing over the past week, what’s the price on the ebook and so on. I have received a lot of positive comments about the videos. I’m glad you like them anf feel that I’m providing you with great information. Thank Mel. I appreciate it.

I have answers to all of those questions and concerns, but I will leave that for another email in a next day or so.

So, here’s the deal…

1. I will select THREE winners from this contest. The Software will be delivered to the winner via email. It has 3 different versions optimized for different areas of the real estate business. You’ll need to choose one:

A. Wholesaling/flipping
B. Subject To
C. Foreclosures

Each version has specific features that pertain to each area of real estate investing. You can see the comparison chart here. I will be selling this software in the future for at about $97 or more. I’m not sure what the price is going to be yet. If you are not interesting in any of the three areas, don’t worry because the software will valuable for you as well.

2. The deadline for your entry into this contest in MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2007 at 12 am EST (that’s midnight between Monday and Tuesday).

3. I will select the winners and email out the winners to the entire list on Tuesday Morning.

Here’s how you enter the contest:

In your own words, and be very creative, more creative the better, answer the following question:

If you are an investor who has already worked several deals..

“What is or was the biggest obstacle in your real estate investing business and how did you overcome it?”

If you are just starting out…

“What is the biggest obstacle that is keeping you from investing in real estate business? What do you think would help you overcome that obstacle?”

That’s it! That is all you have to do. Answer either one of those questions depending where you are in your career in the comments below. The best 3 answers will win the software from the choices in the software comparision table here .

Good Luck and don’t wait because the contest ends on Monday at Midnight Estern Time Zone.

Ohh one more thing, spread the word. Let you friends and fellow real estate investors know about this great resource. They’ll thank you for letting them know about it. As you have already experienced yourself, this ebook along with the video tutorials will help your business go to the next level.

You can share Real Estate Black Book by clicking here. The form has space for 4 people but you can always add more once you are inside your mail program. Thank you in advance.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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6 Comments on “How You Can Win the Real Estate Investing Software Contest”

  1. Robert Connor |

    The biggest obstacle keeping me from investing in real estate is the risk I might put my family in. I have three kids and I would hate to jepordize their future by making some bad risky decisions. To help overcome this obstacle and have financial security for my family I will need to obsorb as much information as I can and process it into a win win deal with a successful turn out. Once closing the first successful deal I feel there will be no stopping me for future success.

  2. Charlie Brooks |

    Hi Peter,
    I am a Mortgage broker,That recently got in becoming a investor in the short sale process using the Land Trust System.I have been in the business for sixty days,and go to free seminars,and aquire the basic information,and free videos,that doesn’t cost a lot and almost got the steps down on how to play the game.I have six deals in the pipe line,that I need exposure on selling my deals,as fast as I can.I have use craigslist and it was amazing I got alot of hits but people only wanted information and was fishing rather than getting a serious buyer.That video was owesome on E-bay,this will work for my short sale business,plus I am working on website for my shot sale homes in the pipe line.My goal or find a system that I have a potential buyer when I have short sale prospect,that when a bank negoiates finally number, that I can finish the cash transaction.Peter I will be tuning in on your free seminars.
    God Be With You
    Thank You For The Advice
    PS The e-bay for $10.00 to list the home for 30 days and also have links that’s amazing.This will definitely give me more exposing in selling my short sale business with minimum cost.

  3. Mike Clark |

    My biggest obstacles was where to start in Real Estate Investing so I choose to be a rehabber…fast forward several years later,and after dealing with contractors, finding buyers, dealing with Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Brokers…I still managed to make a profit. The funny thing about the profits was by the time Uncle Sam took his slice and the wife and kids took their slices the business never got a dime back. I figured my hourly wage was about $2.00.

    In Sept. 2007 I made 3,000 in about two hours wholesaling a house where the owner had to convince me to take the house. That’s right I made 1500 per hour. The funny things was I did not have a clue about whosesaling/flipping. The investor I was working with walked me thru the entire process.

    I know I could have place myself in a better position to increased my profits with more knowledge; It’s too bad I did not have these free videos from Peter or I coukd have made more back in Sept by getting the property to a bigger pool of investors.

    Change is in the air…forget the mantra of working harder, been there, done that…I want to work smarter and need all the secrets, tips I can get


  4. Rich Hubbard |

    I have been studying all the material I can get my hands on for free or at little cost. I think my bestest obstacle keeping me from investing in real estate is that I still don’t feel comforable with the information I have received and studied. I understand the process all the way through from the courthouse list of the sellers to the final sale, it’s mainly the paperwork i.e. HUD-1 and deed trust to what the bank mitigator requires.



  5. dave |

    My biggest obstacle is parylisis of analysis.

    It would be great to have a video to come out to
    show people how to overcome this issue

  6. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @Rich Hubbard


    Give yourself a credit. You probably know more than you think you do. But you won’t know for sure unless you go out there and take some action. What’s the worst than can happen? You make a mistake, right? Well, that’s how you’ll learn.


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