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How To Drive Traffic & Execute Real Estate Marketing On Twitter

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

As you can see, I post some really useful stuff here on this blog so bookmark it and give me your input in the comments below.

Just don’t SPAM the comments area with self promotion because I might have to remove the post.  I want everyone here to benefit and gain some really good experience when it comes to marketing their business on the internet.

So today, I wanted to talk to you about twitter.  If you don’t know what is yet, then you need to look into it.  Thousands of people use it everyday in their business to drive ton of traffic and gain exposure for their business.

One of the most important aspects of twitter is the # of followers you have on your profile.  The more followers you have, the bigger audience you’ll have and your message will gain more exposure.

So how do you get more followers?  Here’s a very simple technique.  Now there is a lot more to twitter but I just want to give you a simple technique you can use in the next 5 minutes.

Step 1. Setup a free account on  Personally, I like to use my own name for my twitter account because I’ll gain more exposure and my name will be seen by more people.  For example, my twitter account is located at  Follow me around if you would like to learn some more stuff on real estate marketing on internet.  I usually send some good tweets there to help investors and agents out in their real estate business on the internet.

Step 2. Find someone in your market by searching for them using  Once you find someone within the real estate industry, check out his/her followers by clicking on the followers link under his/her profile picture.  You’ll be amazed how many people in your industry follow similar people.

Step 3. Follow that person’s followers.  Then check your mailbox because you’ll get dozens of followers back, depending on how many people you follow.  Now, you are only allowed to follow up to 2000 people.  Once you get passed the 2000 followers mark (people that follow you) that restriction will be lifted.

Step 4.  Don’t SPAM twitter with your self promotion messages.  I like to use the 80/20 rule meaning that for every 2 promotion messages, I need to send out 8 really good, useful content tweets to my followers.

What can you send?  Anything that your followers can benefit from, recent news, great resources, website, really cool technique they can use in their business and personal life, etc.  What’s even better is that if your message is really GOOD, it can get retweeted and become viral on twitter.  Once it gets to that, your traffic will explode.

So that’s it for today.  Let me know if you would like to know more.  Leave your messages in the comments below, tell me what you think and share some of your techniques.  Remember, make it useful for others to use.  If you don’t, your message will get lost on twitter and people might start un-following you.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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11 Comments on “How To Drive Traffic & Execute Real Estate Marketing On Twitter”

  1. Babs Wagner |

    Thank you. I’m still trying to figure Twitter out. Looking forward to gaining more insight on this.


  2. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @Babs Wagner

    Yes, twitter is really cool but, just like other social media sites, you need to have the right formula. Just make sure you give quality content on there and share some really good stuff. Basically, talk to the people there as you would talk to your friends, without the R rated stuff of course 🙂


  3. Rod |

    Hi Peter,
    I read about Twitter on your blog about six months ago.
    I stayed away fom it as well because I did not quite understand it.
    I signed on last week.
    I’m hooked
    Well I need to go Twitter

    All the best,

  4. Peter- REBB Founder |


    Thanks for following my blog for so long Rod. I’m glad you finally started using it. I’m glad I did. Just don’t let it take over your time 🙂


  5. Brian |


    Thanks as always, you have once again helped me with the challenge of how to massively grow my new account. Thanks again and all the best to you!

    Brian Rhodes

  6. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Originally Posted By Brian@SellHouseRichmondVAFast

    Thanks as always, you have once again helped me with the challenge of how to massively grow my new account. Thanks again and all the best to you!

    Brian Rhodes

    No problem Brian. You always post some really good comments here so I’m happy to help you. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Peter Kolat

  7. Matt Rosen |

    Hi Peter, thanks for your great info. Your right about the traffic being driven to your website from twitter. The added numbers of people daily is good to see with the followers I have.

    Currently, just trying to get to the point where I can follow more people, but the twitter police have me stopped at 2,000. haha. I understand.

    Thanks for all your great posts Peter

  8. Loan Modifications |

    A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks….where is your RSS button ?

  9. cash house buyer |

    How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a newbie 🙁

  10. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @cash house buyer

    Hi cash house buyer,

    Just look in the top right corner of this site where it says “Blog Lounge” Then click on the subscribe link/image. Once you do that, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll be asked for your email. Once you do that, you’ll be subscribed and ready to go. 🙂

    Welcome to our community here 🙂

    Peter Kolat

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