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11 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Real Estate Website – Part 2

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In today’s post, I want to talk to you about the next 4 strategies that you can utilize in your real estate business to drive more traffic to your real estate website.  These four strategies can be very effective and can bring you a lot of business if you take the proper and massive action.  If you haven’t read the first part of this series, then you need to check it out by going to 11 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Real Estate Website – Part 1 Otherwise, stay the course and read the next 4 strategies.

Let’s not waste anymore time and get started on the next 4 strategies.

Strategy #4 – Joint Ventures

This strategy is one of the most overlooked and ignored strategies out there.  Why?  Because a lot of real estate investors view it as “my competition will steal my leads.”  Let me explain how this strategy works:

Let’s say that you invest in Chicago surrounding areas.  You have a real estate website where sellers can contact you to use your services.  However, you have found that there is a significant amount of people who contact you that want to sell their homes in other areas in Illinois or even other states.  Since you only invest in Chicago surrounding areas, you have to turn these people away.

What if you contacted other real estate investors who have websites and invest in those other areas?  What if you created a joint venture with them?  What if you told them that you can send them some leads for their areas and for every lead you send them or for every house they buy, you get something in return.  Now, if you get paid for this, make sure you obey any and all laws.

All in all, it’s a very simple strategy and you can make extra profits and get extra leads you would never see otherwise.  Why?  Because your JV partner will do the same for you.

Strategy #5 – PPC Marketing

PPC (pay per click) marketing is one of the fastest ways to get traffic and leads coming to your site.  In fact, you can get leads within 15-30 minutes depending on how fast your campaign gets approved.  There are dozens of PPC marketing companies you can use but one of the most popular ones out there is Google’s Adwords.  All you do is get a Free Adwords account, setup your ads, landing pages for those ads, budget per day and you can start driving traffic to your site right away.

Word of caution here:  PPC marketing can cost you a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.  Therefore, you’ll need to study it or hire someone who is an expert in PPC marketing.  If you want to tackle this on your own, here are few tips.

Make sure that everything from your ad headline to the ad body, to the destination url, to the landing page is RELEVANT.  For example, if your keyword phrase is: “sell home in Chicago,”  then make sure that the phrase appears in the ad headline, ad body, ad destination url and the headline of the landing page itself.

This one change will help you get better quality score, higher ad positions and lower irrelevant click throughs.

Strategy #6 – Press Releases

Press releases are a quick way to get traffic, recognition and authority for you and/or your company.  Let’s say that you just closed on a deal where helped a homeowner in distress solve their problem.  They are very grateful to you for helping them and gave you a great testimonial.  Now, you can write a press release about what just happened, how you helped them, what they said, etc.  Then, you can send that press release to the local media channels and via the internet.

When using the internet, you can use press releases sites such as, and  Not only will you get recognition and authority but hundreds of back links to your site that will help your website get higher rankings.

Strategy #7 – Social Media Marketing

I use social media for my business.  Simply put: it rocks!  Why?  Because social media is based on building relationships.  Therefore, by the time you start talking business, the other person has build some kind of a relationship with you and will trust you to help them solve their problem.

There are hundreds of social media websites but I would suggest you start with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, ActiveRain and BiggerPockets.  One of the most important tips I can give you about using social media is to stop selling right away. Remember that people use social media to get away from commercials and being sold to all the time.

When you start selling to others right away, they won’t pay attention to you and will un-friend you.

I would love you hear your comments and what you think about those strategies.  Also, if you want me to expand on any of those strategies, let me know and I’ll write an article specific to that strategy in the near future.

Until next time.  Stay tuned for strategies #8, #9, #10 and #11.  I know you’ll love them because you don’t see those strategies discussed on the internet.  That’s great news for you because you’ll get to use internet marketing strategies that haven’t been overused! 🙂

Don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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21 Comments on “11 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Real Estate Website – Part 2”

  1. Gogo | House Flipping Tips Guy |


    Nice, clear outline of all the things any real estate investor, real estate agent, broker or mortgage professional can do to drive traffic to a website.

    A simple offline way is to create some kind of “ethical bribe” (free videos, audios, reports, checklists, etc) and share it from a capture page (also known as a landing/squeeze page) on their website. Then purchase a nice catchy domain name that re-directs to that landing page, and include that domain and offer on the back of all their business cards with a phrase like “See Free Offer On The Back”!

    Keep up your good work.

  2. christmas stocking fillers |

    Thanks for the tips. It was really going to be useful for those who wants to get some traffic to their real estate website.

  3. THE GAME |

    Seo is a nice technique to drive traffic on your blog or on your website so that SEO is must for all real estate websites. Without SEO it is impossible to get traffic. I like some of your tips tp get traffic..
    Anyways keep it up and keep sharing.

  4. Charles |

    PPC can drive traffic, but it can get expensive if you don’t have a good conversion rate. Social media can also be effective, but expect far fewer leads but a much higher conversion rate. I’ve tried press releases with decent results.

  5. Chris Ranney |

    Hi. Brand new to the site. How many investment properties do you own?

  6. Ben |

    Create great content and post it on your website. When you have great content on your website, you entice other webmasters to share your content on their sites by providing a link back to you

  7. Dave Peniuk |

    Hi Peter,

    Great post again! We have tried PPC’s, Social Media, and Press Releases and all have worked to some extent. We find PPC’s are quite expensive in the real estate investing space (+ we likely aren’t doing as well as we should!). Social Media and Press Releases are definitely a much less expensive and often great way to build trust with your customers/clients/readers. I look forward to reading 8, 9, 10, and 11 Peter!

  8. Get Instant Credibility |

    Hey very nice blog!! This was what I needed to know. Keep it coming.

  9. Develop Your Own Language |

    Fine Ideas, but do you have more detailed info on the topic, another blog or links to other websites too.

  10. Article Submission Software |

    These are good tips! I personally like article marketing, press releases and social media. I think those 3 have the largest impact on traffic generation. If your able to master them effectively you will have a nice stream of traffic coming to your website consistently.

  11. Roseville real estate for sale |

    Great article …Thanks for your great information.I will be waiting for your next post.

  12. Local Chicago Events |

    I’m subscribing to your RSS. Thanks.

  13. sharron |

    Great read. I like your site.

  14. joseph |

    What are the odds of getting a feed from your site.

  15. scooter |

    Great articles and blog content. I will bookmark.

  16. mr home buyer |

    Hey. Nice website. I enjoyed your posts. Keep it up.

  17. Peter- REBB Founder |


    I Joseph,

    If you look at the top right sidebar, you’ll see a button and word “subscribe.” That’s where you can subscribe to the feed. Thank you,


  18. Richard |

    Great tips, social media is definetly starting to have an influence. Still the best way is solid search engine rankings though.

  19. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Originally Posted By Richard@Debt Management Plans
    Great tips, social media is definetly starting to have an influence. Still the best way is solid search engine rankings though.

    I love using the search engines. However, when it comes to SEO, it take more time and some hard work, especially in a competitive market.

    Peter Kolat

  20. adsense niche websites |

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write on my site something like that. Can I use part of your post in my blog too?

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