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Are They For Real or Is This Some Kind of a Viral Marketing Strategy?

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I had to take a picture of this and share this with you.  When my wife pointed it out to me in the store, I laughed really hard.  It made my day and I figure I share this with you to hopefully make you laugh and make your day.

Question: How do you keep America healthy?

Answer: See the picture!  By the way, this is a 100% REAL, untouched photo taken at a big chain store you’ve probably visited at least once this week. 🙂  I took it with my iPhone and haven’t made any changes to it.  Enjoy!

Jay Leno, where are you?  This can be your next Tuesday headline! lol

Anyway, here’s the photo:

keeping america healthy

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One Comment on “Are They For Real or Is This Some Kind of a Viral Marketing Strategy?”

  1. Alex Cortez |

    LOL, people love their Twinkies, eh? You gotta send it to Leno’s headlines…

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