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“How Would You Like To Dig In My Brain?”

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

1009935_question_con_3.jpgToday, I want to write a different post.  In a way, its an experiment.  if you have been reading my blog for at least few weeks, you know that I put a lot of work into my blog and the posts I write.  I also try to provide you with quality posts that you can take an use in your own real estate business.

I want to point out though, just because some of that stuff that I’m sharing with you doesn’t seem like it fits real estate, believe me it does.  Why?  Because from my experience, doing real estate marketing on the internet requires you to look at the marketing aspect a little different.  You need to be able to apply internet marketing strategies to get your site on top of Google and have people signup to your list so you can wholesale your properties to other investors, sell them to the retail buyers or find new deals for your own portfolio.

Unlike other real estate marketers, I believe I have that unique twist on real estate marketing where I can give you the information you need to succeed on the internet.

So when you read my posts such as Top 7 Social Media Real Estate Sites, Google’s Free Keyword Finally Gets a MakeOverUsing Real Estate Internet Marketing To Flip Your House, Bribe Included, or 10 Ways Real Estate Investors Can use Social Media, you should read them with one goal in mind:  “How I can I use that in my business?”

Today, I want to give me more quality information that will help you succeed on the internet with your real estate business.

But what do you want me to write about?
What would you want to know when it comes to marketing your business on the internet?

I need you to tell me what you want to know and I’ll try my best to give it to you.  Just to give you a little glimpse of what’s coming in the next week…

How to Read Your Website Visitor’s Mind To Get Them To Do What You Want Them To Do– Do you know that you can literally see what your visitors are doing on your site?  Sounds cool, doesn’t?  Well, I’ll give you a cool tool that you can implement in 5 minutes to see what your visitors are doing, where they click and so on.

I am also going to give you my Top Outsourcing Secrets and Sites that you can use to free up some of your time so you can focus on what’s important in your business, doing deals.


Here’s What I Got For You

I have this wealth of information.  I am willing to give you a lot of it for free just for asking.  No strings attached.  No catches.  And in a minute you’ll see how there won’t be any catches.

Here’s What It Will Do For You

You will receive quality information directly from me.  If you read any of the comments left on my other blog posts, you’ll see that I give away stuff that most real estate investors don’t.  I am moving the free line.  When you ask for something, I’ll try my best to make it a post here.  The post I’ll write will be informative with specific action you can take right away in your own business.

Here’s What I Want You To DO

I want you to tell me what you want me to write about in the comments below.  Tell me anything and everything you would want to know about when it comes to marketing your business on the internet.  Usually, I would ask you to email me with your questions and you still can, if you prefer.  But I want you to post them here so your fellow readers see that I respond to my readers and actually care about what they want to know about.  I want you to read what you want to read.  So, post your questions in the comments below.  I’ll read them and will do my best to answer them in the future blog posts.

Unless you want me to start charging for this information 🙂  That’s fine too 🙂

To Your Success,

Peter K.
Founder of RealEstateBlackBook

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6 Comments on ““How Would You Like To Dig In My Brain?””

  1. Mohammed |

    Hi Peter!

    Thanks for offering us your valuable knowledge and experience!! Really appreciate it. Could you go over what are the most important information needed on a website for it to be a great marketing tool? Also if you could list all the resources that you have…you have so many great resource tools that I keep losing track of them.

    Once again thanks for everything!!


  2. Elgin |

    I would like info on how to set up a good WordPress website for Real Estate Investors. One that generates leades and enables you to drop those leads in a database. Manipulate the database and follow up with an email program. Lastly, I would like lots of info on outsourcing sites, secrets, and hiring and training a Virtual Assistant.



  3. Peter- REBB Founder |

    No problem Mohammedd and Elgin. I know all about that and will be posting your posts in the near future.

    WordPress blog is a great tool for capturing leads. Notice something in the top right corner of my blog? 🙂


  4. E.Harris |

    Hey Peter,

    I also like to “Thank You!” for the valuable information that you have provided. I’m not tech saavy at all so, I like to see what a good Real Estate investor website should look like, what type info should in the contexts. Should I buy a pre-made site or should I get one bulit? I would love to learn how to build a blog like this one. Once again, Thank You!


  5. Pamela Wilson |

    Yes!, this is also one of my biggest concerns; how to identify and know what makes a great website.
    Regardless if I purchase a prebuilt, design it or have it designed.
    Not having the proper content along with conveying the message effectively means nothing once the traffic has been directed to the site.
    The easy and their ability to move around and understand it makes it more plausible that they would share it with others.

    Thanks for you HELP!

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    […] to ask me any questions that you have related to real estate marketing.  In my post title “How would you like to Dig in My Brain,” I gave you some specific and simple instructions on how you can get me to reveal some real […]

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