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7 Tips To Consider When Naming Your Next Domain Name

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

Since I do a lot of real estate internet marketing, I get a lot of questions from people asking me what they should do for a domain name.  When it comes to selecting a good domain name, you should keep the following criteria in mind:

#1. The domain name should be easy to remember.

Don’t get a domain that’s hard to remember.  Ask yourself this question:  If I heard this domain once, will I remember it later?  One way to make the domain memorable is to make it rhyme or have a nice ring to it.  For instance,,, or

#2 Try to include your main keyword in it.

If you can have your domain name include your main keyword, it will help you with your SEO marketing.  Domains with a keyword inside of them tend to rank higher on search engines.  of course, the site has to be related to the actual domain name.

#3 If your domain is in real estate, add a local factor to it.

Real estate domain names can be targeted to a local level.  If you are targeting a specific area, add a city, state or county in the domain name.  For instance, if you are in Chicago, IL, you can include the word Chicago in your domain name.  Just rembmber to keep your domain names shorter rather than longer.

#4 Focus on getting a Dot Com Domain.

One of the best domain names to get is to get a .com domain.  These domains are by far the most popular and get better rankings that .info or .net.

#5 Stay away from dashes.

If you can, try to stay away from using dashes in your domain name., then do it.  Think about it this way.  If someone hears about your website from a friend, they’re not going to know that there are dashes in your domain name.  Therefore, when they type in your domain name into their browser, they’ll either end up on your competitors site or not find your site at all.

#6 Relevancy is important

Your domain name needs to be meaningul and related to your business.  One of the most important factors Google uses in their Algorithm is relevancy.  They make sure that everything related to a specific web page is relevant.  For instance, is the title of this blog post relevant to the content?  Is the link of this page related to the title and the content?  Make sure that your domain name is relevant to your content and your business.

#7 Don’t stress too much about it and have fun with it.

If you try to come up with that perfect name, it could take your days and even months to figure out your new domain name.  If you think that this could be an issue, I might have a recommendation for you.  I came across a website that was recommended to me by a friend of mine.  This site deals strictly with naming domain names.  Basically, you give them your details and they have people compete in a contest to name your domain.

I went over there and one of the sites that someone named was, a newsletter site.  I think that’s pretty cool.  So if you want, you can go over there and check them out.  The site is called

One last thing, and this is a bonus tip for you.  When naming your domain name, make sure that it is easy to pronounce and write out.  Don’t use big words and words that can be easily misspelled.

That’s it.  If you have any questions, let me know.  As always, I would love to hear your comments below.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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12 Comments on “7 Tips To Consider When Naming Your Next Domain Name”

  1. Domain Name Improvement |

    If the name is very long an abbreviation may be considered. Domain Name Improvement

  2. I Make Thousands of Dollars a Month Posting Links on Google from Home |

    Hey, great post, really well written. You should blog more about this.

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  3. Terry |

    You should also take a good look at the domain name. Some people completely forgot that domain names do not have spaces in between words. These people came up with domain names like (Pen Island) (Therapist Finder), and (UST Inc.). You don’t wanna be them right?

  4. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @Terry@ Cheap Scrubs

    Great comment. That is so true Terry. I’ve seen some domains that do fall under that category. It’s funny at times. I wonder when they realize that their domain name sounds like a dirty word 🙂

    Thanks man,

    Peter Kolat

  5. Richard |

    Great tips, kudos to terry on her comment. One more thing is that avoid domain names with number-word-number. Oh well, Thanks for sharing your tips and more power!

  6. Terry |

    @Richard from Los Angeles Seo – Erm, Just so we’re clear, I’m a guy.. LOL

  7. Richard |

    My bad. Sorry buddy.

  8. Terry |

    @Richard@Los Angeles Seo – No problem.. 😀

  9. moganshan |

    I’m good to go. I’d be lost without domain name. Best investment I’ve made this year.

  10. Mavis M. Baxter |

    amazing stuff thanx 🙂

  11. Jeremey |

    I generally try to get a domain that matches my target keyword.

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