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Mind Control Marketing- 500 bucks for 27 bucks

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

Would you pay 27 bucks to get 500?

Who wouldn’t, right?

The problem is, you wouldn’t believe the offer.

And this is the primary problem with most businesses. You have something that will change peoples’ lives, but they just don’t believe you – because, well, not everyone is honest like you.

How do you get people to believe you then?

That’s one of the many mysteries revealed in “Mind Control

Ironically, the 500 bucks for 27 bucks thing works quite well here.

Tattered and beat up copies of the book have been sold on the Amazon marketplace and Ebay for $100 to $500.

It’s now out of print and because the late Gary Halbert called it “1 of the 3 most important books ever written about marketing” people will walk over broken glass to get a copy.

But as of 8PM tonight, that’s Tuesday April 8th 2008, you can get it in electronic form for only 27 dollars:

Plus, you get the fabled “Missing Chapter” that no one in the
world has read yet.

I have no idea how long this will remain available, so go grab
your copy fast. I predict they’ll only leave it up for a very
short period of time and that they are using it to attract new
customers in a very short period of time.

One more thing, the bonus I mentioned yesterday:

If you order the book through the link above, I will send you a copy of my mind map outlining the entire book.

What’s a mind map you ask?

Well, its like a summary of the book but in a more efficient way. You’ll see.

Also, I will tell you how you can take the principles and the secrets in the book and apply them to your real estate investing business.

I hope you see the huge benefits here. Not only are you getting the mind control marketing book , but you’ll also receive the mind map and a plan you can apply in your business.

I might sell that bonus later as a stand alone product.

So, to get your book and the bonus, here’s what you need to do:

1. Order the book through the following link:

2. After you order, send an email to admin at (make sure to change “at” to “@” when emailing me) with a subject line “Bonus for Mind Control” and the following:

your name
email address

That’s it. I will send you the bonus within a week. Sorry for the delay on my bonus but I need to create it this coming week.

To Your Success,

Peter K.

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