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Private Money Blueprint Bonuses You’ll Actually Want

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

Today, I want to help you out.  If you are considering investing in the private money blueprint, then consider using the link below.  Why?  Because this link will give you even more bonuses on top of the bonuses you’ll get from Patrick Riddle and Trevor Mauch.  Better yet, these bonuses will help you take your private money portion of your business to the next level.  Why?  Because you’ll be able to use the internet to find more money.

So, what are the bonuses?  Here they are.  Just watch the video and I’ll explain everything in there.  After you are completed, either click on the link below the video or wait to be redirected to the private money website.

Just to reinforce your bonus package.

Bonus #1- Secret Websites to Find Millions of Dollars of Private Money

As you may or may not know, I do a lot of marketing on the internet.  With that, I know a lot of different internet resources that you can use to help you fund your deals.  This bonus will show you some of the best website(s) to help you find private money.  Now, I’m not an attorney and not an expert in private money.  Therefore, consult your attorney before using those websites as you may fall under some regulations.

Bonus #2 – 1 1/2  Webinar on Secret Strategies to Marketing your private money website on the internet

In his course, Patrick talks about his private money website and what it looks like, what you should have there, disclaimers and notes.  He does not talk a lot about driving traffic to it to build a list of private money investors.  On this 90 minute webinar, I will go through some of the best traffic generation strategies you can use for that page along with some conversion tactics to get those people on your list.  By the way, some of those tactics have only been shared with my paid members.

Bonus #3 – Landing Pages for your Private Money Lead Generation ($97 value)

I will give you access to different landing pages you can use in your own business to build your list of private money investors.  This bonus goes will be discussed on the webinar as well and will fit within the scope of my coaching.  So, not will you get the landing pages, but you’ll get the strategies to drive and convert that traffic to build a big list of private money lenders.

Bonus #4 – Video and/or webinar going over Patrick Riddle’s website template

Inside his course, Patrick Riddle provides his members with a great website template.  I will personally go over the template, on video, and show you how you can take it to the next level.  Believe me, the template he gives you is great.  But I want to add some internet marketing juice to it.  This coaching session will show you what you can do to get the site indexed, rank on search engines, and more.  You’ll love it!

Update:  New Bonus Just Added!

Bonus #5 – My Real Estate Internet Marketing Brain Dump Course ($147)

I’ve recorded this bonus while back and it is selling for $147.  The course contains 8 different modules, which include video, audio, transcripts and mind maps of each module.  In short, I spill my guts for about 3 1/2 hours on real estate internet marketing, everything from finding those diamond in the rough keywords that your competition does know about to checking up on your competition and seeing what they are doing.  Here are few bullets I pulled out of the sales letter for you:

Bonus #6 – Secret Software that builds your real estate lists

Check out this killer trick I just implemented on SOMEONE ELSE’S site (Trevor & Patrick’s site to be exact).  When you click on the following link, you’ll be taken to their site.

Wait couple of seconds and see what happens there. Pay close attention to the url in the address bar and to their site itself.  I am so excited about this!

By the way, if you decide to purchase the private money blueprint through the above link, you’ll get my 5 bonuses that mention on that page plus the following bonus I decided to throw in from now until they close the doors:

I wasn’t going to do this because I want to keep it a secret for as long as I can.  Once this secret software gets out, I’m sure other people, including the gurus will be using it in their business.

(I’m talking about the script that allowed me to take over the Private Money Blueprint (don’t worry, the script is ethical and there is nothing shady about it).

But I decided to give it to you when you buy the course.  I’ll give you all of the details how you can get that script, implement it in your own real estate business to build your real estate lists and even implement it in your own private money blueprint site that  Trevor is giving away.

Here are couple of things you can do with that script:

1.  Implement it in the private money blueprint site to build a big list of private money lenders… faster! (It will take you 10 minutes to implement this)

2. Use it on other websites (not even your own websites) to build a big list.  I’ll show you how.  I will be implementing this into my own business.  You can even do this on!

3. Steal traffic from your competitors.  I can hardly sit because I want to start using this script.

So that’s it.  In order to get those (not 4) 6 bonuses, which I estimate to be around $500 $697, all you have to do is purchase the private money blueprint through my link. Click on the link below to purchase the course at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, May 7th 2009.

After you make the purchase, send your receipt to admin @ (remove spaces in that email address when sending the email) with the subject line: Private Money Blueprint Bonuses.

After I’ll confirm your purchase with Patrick & Trevor, I’ll send you the link to the webinar (which will be recorded for you) along with the other bonuses.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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