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How To Answer One of The Biggest Objections When Getting Private Money For Your Real Estate Business

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Few months ago, couple of my good friends Trevor Mauch and Patrick Riddle released the Private Money Blueprint.  I was one of the few people who were able to review his product prior to the release of it.  Personally, I thought that the product was very good and actionable.  More importantly, it works.  I actually did a video review of his product at Here’s Your Private Money Blueprint Video Review – What’s inside the manual?.

Ever since the release, Patrick has been helping his clients get more private money for their business.  Many of his clients are just starting out in real estate and have never been able to get any private money.  This is their first time doing it.

What happens when you go to someone who is able to lend you the private money?  What is their first question they’ll ask you?  One of the first questions you’ll hear is:

Have you done this with other lenders?

Interesting, right?  If this is your first time getting private money, what do you say?  How do you answer that question?

Well, I have an answer for you.  Actually, Patrick has it in this short video.  Check it out and then read what I have for you below the video.

So what did you think?  Wasn’t that a great answer?  Now, use it to your advantage.  Better yet, you can use that answer for any real estate related objections.  For instance, if you are doing a real estate deal for the first time and your seller asks you that question, you can use that answer.  Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, I spoke to Trevor yesterday and he told me that they are going to raise the price of the private money Blueprint from their existing price of $497 to, I think $797.  So, if you are sitting on the fence, this is your last chance to get the private money blueprint at the lowest price ever.  You can click on the link below to get the program.

I almost forgot.  I believe in that product so much that I decided to throw in some of my own bonuses.  If you end up getting the private money blueprint through the above link, I’ll throw in the following bonuses.

Bonus #1- Secret Websites to Find Millions of Dollars of Private Money Video ($47 value)

As you may or may not know, I do a lot of marketing on the internet.  With that, I know a lot of different internet resources that you can use to help you fund your deals.  This bonus will show you some of the best website(s) to help you find private money.  Now, I’m not an attorney and not an expert in private money.  Therefore, consult your attorney before using those websites as you may fall under some regulations.

Bonus #2 – 1 1/2  Webinar on Secret Strategies to Marketing your private money website on the internet ($197 value)

In his course, Patrick talks about his private money website and what it looks like, what you should have there, disclaimers and notes.  He does not talk a lot about driving traffic to it to build a list of private money investors.  On this 90 minute webinar, I will go through some of the best traffic generation strategies you can use for that page along with some conversion tactics to get those people on your list.  By the way, some of those tactics have only been shared with my paid members.

Bonus #3 – Video Landing Pages for your Private Money Lead Generation ($297 value)

I will give you access to different landing pages you can use in your own business to build your list of private money investors.  This bonus goes will be discussed on the webinar as well and will fit within the scope of my coaching.  So, not will you get the landing pages, but you’ll get the strategies to drive and convert that traffic to build a big list of private money lenders.

Bonus #4 – 3 month access to my SWAT Inner Circle members Area ($291 value)

Do you want to have access to the #1 real estate marketing “think tank” in the country?  Here’s your chance.

The SWAT Inner Circle is an invitation-only group that is dedicated to sharing the hottest tips and tricks in the real estate industry.  There are dozens of powerful real estate marketing strategies you can start using right away.  They’re all on video so you can actually see how to incorporate those strategies into your business.  Let’s face it – on the internet, things change quickly.

And if you don’t keep up with those changes, then your site WILL stop bringing you those armies of desperate buyers.

The SWAT Inner Circle program will allow you to connect with hugely successful real estate and internet marketing experts from all over the country. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other, discover powerful techniques to multiply your profits, and stay one step ahead of your competition.
Having trouble getting the results with your website you want? Post here and get immediate answers. Need to know more about exactly how Google ranks websites? Find your answer here. Want to know how others use their websites to “pre sell” hot buyers before they’ve even exchanged emails? The secrets are waiting inside.

Bonus #5 – My Real Estate Internet Marketing Brain Dump Course ($147)

I’ve recorded this course while back and it is selling for $147.  The course contains 8 different modules, which include video, audio, transcripts and mind maps of each module.  In short, I spill my guts for about 3 1/2 hours on real estate internet marketing, everything from finding those diamond in the rough keywords that your competition does know about to checking up on your competition and seeing what they are doing.  Here are few bullets I pulled out of the sales letter for you:

There you go.  There is $979 of bonuses here for you. And these are real value bonuses.  If you were going to buy them separately on my sites, you would spend $979.  Again, to get those bonuses, head over to:

After you make the purchase, send your receipt to admin @ (remove spaces in that email address when sending the email) with the subject line: Private Money Blueprint Bonuses.

After I’ll confirm your purchase with Patrick & Trevor, I’ll send you the link to the webinar (which will be recorded for you) along with the other bonuses.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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    Thanks Realtor. I appreciate your feedback.

    By the way, for everyone else who reads this post, everyone is a marketer. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you are a marketer.

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