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Little Over 24 hours to go…Major Updates, FAQ, and more…

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

The day where you can get your hands on the Real Estate Black Book
is almost here.  Yey…

This past week has been somewhat crazy in my house.  My wife thinks
I’m crazy for staying up all night. On the other hand, I know that
will have time to sleep later.  Sleeping is overrated anyway, right?

Alright, here are some updates pertaining to the ebook launch…

Update #1-  Free Software Contest

As you may or may not know, yesterday I released a free contest to
everyone on my list.  I will be awarding three winners with free
software that will organise and run their real estate business.

I hope I didn’t undervalue the power of this software because it is
very powerful.  It runs your real estate business for you.  It takes
care of your leads, team contacts, comps, rehab analysis, and the
list goes on and on.

I just went to the blog and for those of you that went ahead and
entered the contest, I applaud you.  It shows that you are an action

There are some interesting comments in those blog entries and I
cannot wait to see emore.  Remember, the contest ends tonight at
midnight.  So post you entry in the blog post below.
Update #2-  FAQ
Over the past week, I have been receiving some emails from people
asking me different questions about the launch and the ebook itself.
Here are few of them.

Q1:  How old is the book?

A:  If you are referring to the “Real Estate Black Book,” which is
coming out tomorrow, the ebook is brand new.  It has never been
released before and is originally written by me.  You will receive
the Black Book via email in ebook format.  Once the doors open, you
will be redirected to a site where you’ll be able to access the ebook.

Q2:  How can it benefit me?

A:  Well, the ebook has 56 pages of real estate internet resources. 
It is packed with free resources, software tools, research websites,
sites that can aid you in automating your real estate business by
using the internet, and so on.  You can see more benefits listed

If you are just starting in real estate, this ebook will help you
tremendously.  I wish someone would have given me those resources
2 years ago.  That is why I created them for you, so you can benefit
from them. 

Q3:  You menntioned about a Internet Resurce that you have in the
ebook that provides foreclosure leads. Is this anoth one of those
sites that rebuys leads from the source and sells them week later?

A:I know that from my experience, and probably from yours as well,
there are a lot of resources out there that provide you with old,
most of the time expired leads.  Sometimes, expired leads can be very
beneficial for you if you know how to work them.  But that discussion
is for some other time. 

My recommended Internet resource provides leads that are 2-3 days
after the recording. I think that website has people actually going
to the courthouse and city hall to get the information for us. 
If that’s not good enough, you get those leads with verified phone

Another resource, once you set it up, will have motivated sellers
contacting you.  You won’t have to chase them around anymore. 

Update #3-  Huge Addition to the web site

Q4:  It seems that the ebook has tons of Internet resources.  Are
there real estate investing techniques in there to help me learn more
about real estate investing?

A:  A little but not as much as I would like it to be.  let me explain…
The purpose of that ebook is to provide you with Internet Resources
and not teach you how to do deals using subject 2, short sales,
wholesaling and so on.  The ebook would be hundreds of pages long.
I think 56 pages is probably enough for you to keep you at it for

Since there were many questions pertaining to this one topic, I decided
to do something about it.  I think this is some very exciting news for you.

After reading those comments, I decided to get you some powerful
knowledge to help you in your real estate investing career.  I
contacted several big names in the real estate business and I am happy to annouce
that each one of them has come through for me.

If you have been on creonline of reiclub, you have heard of these guys
and you know about their expensive course.  Well, only here, you will
be able to get your hands on this powerful information for HUGE DISCOUNT.

When I say HUGE, I mean HUGE.  So, make sure that you head over to the
site at noon tomorrow because most of those offers are very limited.

This is one of the reasons why I have been up all night.  You’ll know
tomorrow what I am talking about.

Well, that’s it for now.  This email got way too long already.
Remember to visit…

to enter the contest.  There is a very good chance you can win.

and show up at noon tomorrow to claim your ebook.  Until next time.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat
Founder of Real Estate Black Book
Real Estate Black
Head over there right now and get
Your Ultimate All-In-One Real Estate
Investor Internet Resource Manual!

Watch your email tomrorow morning because I’ll reveal the price of
the ebook for you.  I think you’ll be plesantly surprised.  No wait…

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3 Comments on “Little Over 24 hours to go…Major Updates, FAQ, and more…”

  1. Rob |

    I’m confused. I thought the book was free. The first time I attempted to download the real estate black book, I entered my name and email address, but nothing happended thereafter. Successive attempts result in a message prompt saying my email address was already in the database.

    Please claify where I can download the book and whether it’s FREE or not.

  2. Peter |

    Yes, the ebook is free. Since you already signed up for the ebook, all you need to do now is just log into your account by going to

    To help you with the process, I have created a video which you can view by going to:

    Good luck


  3. daniel |

    This is one of the reasons why I have been up all night. You’ll know
    tomorrow what I am talking about.

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