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“Real Estate Blogs – How You Can Start Generating Real Estate Leads In The Next 15 Minutes”

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

Recently, I challanged you, my readers to ask me any questions that you have related to real estate marketing.  In my post title “How would you like to Dig in My Brain,” I gave you some specific and simple instructions on how you can get me to reveal some real estate marketing secrets.  For those of you who have commented and answered my challenge, I thank you.  As promised, here’s yet another answer to your questions.

Today I want to answer Elgin. In his comment, Elgin says:

“I would like info on how to set up a good WordPress website for Real Estate Investors. One that generates leades and enables you to drop those leads in a database. Manipulate the database and follow up with an email program.”

Well, Elgin.  That is a very good question and a topic that is extremely important.  However, there is a lot that can be said about wordpress when it comes to marketing  and generating leads for your real estate business.

Today, I want to talk to you about WordPress and how you can get it up and running in the next 5 minutes.

WordPress is one of the best, if not the best, blogging software available.  I may be a little biased because this blog,, runs on wordpress.  WordPress is extremely user-friendly, easy to install, Search Engines love it, and has tons of support and plugins.  If you want to start a site fast, actually in the next 5 minutes, this is it.  So, how to go about doing that?  Let me explain…

Step 1 – Buy A Domain

That is if you don’t already have one.  There are several domain registrars that you can use to buy a domain name.  I would recommend using  I have used them for several years now and their support, prices and user-friendly layout is great.  Another popular domain registrar is

Step 2- Decide If You Want Your WordPress Blog Self-Hosted or Hosted On

Yes, there are 2 choices.  First, you can host your blog on your own domain.  What that means is your blog will be located on  If you decide to go with this option, you will need to get a website hosting account with a hosting company.  Hosting packages, depending on many variables, can run you anywhere from Free, 5.95/month to hundreds of dollars per month.

I wouldn’t recommend going with a free account since most of the time, they serve ads on your site.  That’s not a professional look for you.  If you are just starting out, you can go with a shared server hosting package that will start at about $5.95/month.  That should be enough to start.

Second option is to have your blog hosted on  If you decide to go with this option, your blog will be located on

Which one do I recommend?

Even though you don’t have to have a hosting account when using the second option, I recommend going with option #1, 100%.  Why?  First, it’s good for search engine rankings.  Second, you are in total control over your site.  You own it on your own server and you can do whatever you want with it.  For instance, once you grow, and if you follow my advice you will grow to a point where you’ll receive thousands of visitors every month, you may want to upgrade your server to either virtual or dedicated server. And third, self hosted blogs have thousands of plugins that will help your blog become more interactive, sticky, search engine friendly, and professional.

Step 3-  Install Your WordPress Blog

Installing wordpress blog is very easy.  First, you’ll need to download the wordpress software.  Then, you’ll need to unzip the file and upload it to your server.  Just follow the Installation steps listed here.

If you have any trouble installing the software or would like me to create a video showing you how to install the software, just ask in the comments section below and I’ll create one and post it here on the blog.

Step 4- Select Your Theme

Now, all you have to do if find a great looking theme for your site, install it on your blog, and you are all done.  You are ready to start writing quality content on your blog.  Where do you get themes you ask?  Just type in “wordpress themes” in Google and you will find thousands of themes for your site.

Well, that’s it for today.  This post is getting long.  In my next post, coming to you in couple of days, I will talk about what you need to have on your wordpress site to get it user friendly, sticky (so visitors will want to hang around), search engine friendly (so search engines will index and rank your site) and more.

In fact, the tricks and plugins I will share with you in my next post, will have you listed on Google in minutes, not hours or days.  Read my How To Get Readers To Fall In Love With Your Blog to find out to to keep your readers on your blog.  The secrets and wordpress plugins on that post will get you off and running in the right direction.

Here’s what I need you to do for me.

1. Install your new wordpress blog as I outlined above.

2. Comment below and tell me if there is anything else you would want to know about using wordpress for your business.

3. If you are not on my list already, signup in the form in the top right corner.  Believe me, You don’t want to miss future posts.  Don’t worry, I won’t spam you, sell your info, or rent it to someone else.  Thousands of real estate investors and agents that are already on my list can tell you that.

Until next time,

Get Your Site Up!  Go! Go! Go!

Peter K.

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9 Comments on ““Real Estate Blogs – How You Can Start Generating Real Estate Leads In The Next 15 Minutes””

  1. Al Mills |

    In a recent webinar with Bryan Ellis, he quickly set up a Real Estate Blog with WordPress and within minutes it had been spidered by the search engines. He called them search engine magnet sites because new posts can happen without you after your initial setup and new posts become viral.

    Is this just the nature of a Blog or can you explain how the software is able to acquire new posts? Are other software programs beyond WordPress required to accomplish this? Also, how do you monetize the site?

    Keep up the great content!

    Thanks, Al

  2. benolsatuem |

    thx for the tips

  3. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Hi Al,

    WordPress sites are SE magnets. A lof of it has to do with the way they’re structured, wordpress’ popularity, and the fact that blog, most of the time, provide content to the end user.

    Unless Bryan was talking about something else, there are a lot of different software titles that grab content automatically. I haven’t found one yet that does a really good job where the posts look natural and avoid duplicate content penalty.

    It all depends on the type of a blog you want to have. So far, I write my own content 100% of the time.


  4. GastPyday |

    Nice site!


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  5. reunion resort homes sale |

    I have never seen Real Estate this bad ever. When will it come to an end? Do you think the bailout plan will work?

  6. Joshue |

    Thank you very much for this post, Its a great help for beginners like myself. Once again, Thanks for the post!

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