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Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Ideas 2018 Edition

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

real estate marketing ideas 2018It’s been a looooong time since I wrote on this blog.  It’s 2018 now and Real Estate marketing ideas 2018 edition will show you some of the free marketing ideas that you can in your own real estate investing business right away.

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of marketing ideas on the internet, especially when it comes to marketing your real estate investing business.  So, why should you listen to this article?  Well, because my own business is all about helping real estate companies grow their businesses and running effective marketing on the internet to help them generate targeted real estate leads.

Now, I will say that most of the marketing I am doing is paid marketing as I truly believe that if you are in business, you have to spend some money on marketing.  Also, paid targeted real estate marketing that’s well optimized will pay dividends for your business.  In short, it’s money well spend.

So, let’s get to it…

Real Estate Marketing Ideas 2018 – Idea #1: Facebook marketing

The first real estate marketing idea for 2018 is for you to take advantage of the social media landscape that has exploded over the past decade, specifically Facebook and Instagram.  You see, when it comes to real estate, the business is a visual medium, people want to see pictures, videos, especially when you bought a beat down, barely standing house and turned it into a work of art that someone is proud of living there.

Now, Facebook’s Ad platform is amazing when it comes to targeting people on facebook, you can target them based on their location and demographics.  More importantly, you can target them based on their interests which is where part of the magic happens.

For this particular post, it won’t make sense for me to go into that subject because I could write whole chapters just about that.  However, I will say this… in order to succeed with the targeting, I suggest you write out your perfect customer, what their perfect day looks like, in detail.  I’m talking about…

What do they read, write, watch?

Where do they hang out?  What do they do on every day basis?  What are they passionate about?  What do they talk about?  What are they afraid of?  Where do they hang out online, on Facebook and so forth?

Once you discover these common denominators, marketing to them will get much easier.

Real estate marketing ideas 2018 – Idea #2: Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing has always been great in real estate.  Personally, I don’t think this will ever go away for as long as people continue to get snail mail (which I think will eventually go away with the invention on new technologies).

Sending out postcard and yellow letters still works.  Here’s the secret:  Consistency and follow up.  When marketing using postcards and yellow letters, you have to be consistent and mail out to these people at least 5-7 times before you see a bump in response.  Your first or second mailing will bring you very little response.  It’s with the 4,5 and 7th mailing when you see a bump of people calling you and reaching out to you.

One strategy that I see working well to get people open the letters up is to send them an envelope that looks like a wedding invitation, personal, with a regular stamp in one of those square envelopes.  People like to be invited and that tends to get them to open up and read your stuff.  Obviously, the copy, what you actually say in the letter is more important but if they won’t open it, they won’t read it.  So, one step at a time.

Real estate marketing ideas 2018 – Idea #3 – Your very own real estate lead generation website

If you don’t have a real estate lead generation website on the internet, in 2018, you are missing out on a big chuck of leads.  People are skeptical, they do their own research, look up companies, ask around and read reviews before making a decision to call you.

So, make sure you have a great website.  OnCarrot is a great service that you can use to quickly build a real estate investing website.  I know Trevor and he is one stand up guy and can vouch for his company.  I don’t think you’ll go wrong by using them.  Just make sure you add your own flavor to the site, to the content as otherwise, you’ll blend with everyone else who is using the templates provides by Oncarrot.

One tip on that, make sure you have a great lead magnet, something that they can get from you for free.  In exchange, they can give you their email address.  I’ve talked about this many times on this site, as far back as 2008-2009 before all of the REI gurus talked about real estate squeeze pages.  So, read up because these pages are still current and they work like clockwork.

So, that’s all for the top 3 real estate marketing ideas 2018 edition.  One last note…

In order to really make this work, you combine ALL of these 3 strategies together to explode your real estate lead generation.  Here’s what I mean…

You login to your FB ad platform (free service) and get your Facebook pixel and immediately put it on all of your pages on your site.  That way, FB will track everyone who comes to your site.  Then, go back to FB and setup an audience for your site.  That way, you can later retarget the people that came to your site on FB.

Next, take the list you are using for mailing your letters and postcards and upload it to Facebook so you can market to them on FB as well.  Facebook will usually find about 30-60% of people from your list on Facebook and then show them your ads there.  As of right now, you can start Fb ads for as little as $5/day.

The, drive the traffic to your site, combining your articles and your squeeze pages to generate leads.

Cool right?

So, if you have any questions, reach out to me.  Like I said before, I do this every day in my business for many REI gurus and clients so if you’d rather go that route, to have someone do it for you, reach out to me and we can schedule a consultation call to see if we are a good fit.  Looking forward to it.

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