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How To Write A Powerful Title For An Ad for A Property To Sell Your House Fast

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

As you know, the internet is a very powerful medium to market your real estate business and properties.  You can have the entire real estate marketing portion of your business run on the internet.  It’s that powerful.  But there is so much that you need to take care of in order to have your real estate marketing funnel run smoothly, successfully and efficiently.  You need to set up websites, real estate squeeze pages,  email marketing, lead generation, video marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and so much more.  It can be overwhelming.  You need to take it one strategy at a time and get that set up before you move on to something else.

I am going to tell you about a simple fix that you can make in the next 2 minutes to increase the effectiveness of your real estate internet marketing. It’s all about ads for your property, ads for your real estate and your business, it’s all about titles.

I see this mistake made all the time. Real estate investors write an article, blog post or create a video to sell their next property.  Since the property is located in “123 Anystreet, jacksonville, FL” the title for their real estate ad reads something like this:

“Beautiful house at 123 anystreet”.  There are several things wrong with this title.

First, the title is NOT SEO friendly.  Let me ask you a question. When your buyer is searching for their next house, do you think they type in:  “beautiful house on anystreet”?

The majority of people will be searching for something more general.  They search for something like: “house for sale in jacksonville.”  So you have to optimize your title for the search engines and your end buyer.  Remember, your title will show up in Google and will be one of the most important factors that is going to make the person click on your link.

When you are writing an effective title, you have to remember 2 things.  First, you have to make it enticing enough so your targeted prospect WILL click on it.  You need to use power conversion words like these: imagine, discover, free, guaranteed, under priced, bargain, luxury, famous, rare and opportunity.

When you are writing the title for your next ad for your property, think of these words and make your title a powerful headline for your property.  Think about the the selling points of that particular property.

Second, you’ll need to do some keyword research to find out the keyword phrase that people will search for when looking for a property in your area.  Let’s say that the highly searched for keywords phrase is “house for sale in Jacksonville.”

Now that you know the hook and the keyword phrase, you can go ahead and craft your powerful headline for your property.

Let’s say that you are looking to sell the property to an end buyer. Your title could be something like:

“Discover one-of-a-kind undervalued house for sale in Jacksonville, FL- $80,000 Equity Opportunity” or

“Just Released:  Frustrated & sick-of-it-all homeowner is practically giving his house away in a one-time sale in jacksonville, FL- $80,000 min. in Equity.”

You want to include a keyword your potential buyer (target audience) might type in and you want to give them some kind of a hook. So, you’ll need to think of what the potential buyer target audience really craves, what’s the hook that’s going to get him/her to click on the link.

Remember that you always need to create your title enticing enough for both your end buyer and the search engine spider.

What I want you to do now is post your comments below and let me know what you think.  Change your current real estate ads’ titles on the internet, video postings on youtube and other sites and then let me know what your results were.  I would love to hear what you have accomplished.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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14 Comments on “How To Write A Powerful Title For An Ad for A Property To Sell Your House Fast”

  1. Manny |

    Very interesting and informative article. I will put your suggestions to the test.

  2. Lloyd Leiderman |

    Thanks, Peter, for the cogent reminder of the basic marketing mindset we all need to have.

  3. EB |

    Hey Peter, Thanks for keeping me on track.

  4. Peter- REBB Founder |

    You guys are awesome. I do this because of you. If it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t be sharing this great content. So keep up with posting your comments and please, share the posts I write with as many people as you can.

    It will benefit all of us and our entire real estate community.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  5. Tex |


    What a great tip. I’m going to take advantage of your advice today on a property I’m trying to sell & I’ll let you know how your suggestions work out.

  6. JAMES |

    Thanks Peterfor the information. It makes sense we have to think like the people we are trying to reach and the search engine spiders that are tracking our information. Often times II forget that when I am posting an ad.

  7. Peter- REBB Founder |


    No problem James. We all do that sometimes. Just keep thinking about who your target audience is and what they are searching for on the internet. if you can tap into their minds, you can sell them the house 🙂

    Peter Kolat

  8. konrad young |

    Great advice. I will be working on my ads.

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    Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will likely be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good work

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  10. Brian |


    This is one of the rare times I have read one of your blog posts and actually said “I already knew that”. I do want your readers to know that it works very well though and they ALL need to implement this immediately!

    Thanks as always,


    Comment Tags: nvaleo
  11. Peter- REBB Founder |


    Thanks Brian.

    That’s awesome and I really appreciate your comments. In regards to your comment that this technique works very well, I strive to share techniques and strategies that work and will help my readers.

    Thanks again and please don’t hesitate to comment and visit my blog again and again and again 🙂

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  12. Instant SEO |

    Great advice.Thanks for sharing with us…

    Thank You……..

  13. Jeff Paul Internet Millions |

    Hi! I enjoyed reading your posts. I felt that your research techniques must be really cool. I’m running a small website and doing internet marketing, so I’m going through a lot of posts.

  14. mary |

    Saw your blog bookmarked on Delicious

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