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Why Social Media SEO is Becoming More Powerful than SEO & How Facebook is Changing the Face of Business

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social media seoIn today’s post, I am going to talk about social media seo and will probably make some people mad.  Here’s the deal.  This past week ending on March 13th, 2010, Facebook has dethroned Google as the #1 visited website on the internet in the United States.  You can see the new release by going to Facebook_reaches_top_ranking


Facebook got more traffic than Google?

Yes it did.  But I wouldn’t discount Google yet because they are starting to do some crazy stuff when it comes to social media marketing.  I find it very interesting though that Facebook got more traffic than Google.  They are not a search engine but a social media website.  People go there to socialize, not search for stuff they need to find on the internet.

Social interaction still kicks butt and will for a long time.  In fact, I strongly believe that is will get better, bigger and faster.  Why do you think Google is integrating social media aspects into their SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).  See my post on How To Get On 1st Page of Google For Highly Competitive Real Estate Terms Using Social Media Marketing.

So how does social media seo affect you?

Well, if you haven’t joined the social media seo marketing world, I think it’s time for you to do so.  I mean think about it, what is business all about?  Is it about selling services and products or building relationships?  What do you think real estate industry is all about?  It’s about building win-win and lasting relationships with other people.  That’s a big ingredient in success, especially when you align yourself with other more successful people.

Social media seo allows you to do that.  Think about it?  Before social media sites such as Facebook, would you be able to contact people  like some of the real estate gurus or CEOs of different companies?  Would you be able to connect with people such as Matt Cutts of Google?  Probably not.  But that has changed.  Matt for instance, uses Youtube and other social media sites to connect with Google users.

He answers questions about Google’s search engine index, rankings, sp@.m and many other related subjects.  Do you think that Google uses those questions to help them build a better search engine?  I bet they do.  They listen to their customers and so does Facebook.

If you own any kind of business, including real estate investing business, you need incorporate social media seo into your business and communicate with your customers both past and present.  Believe me, they’ll change your business forever with a much better outcome.  Not only will you earn more money but have a better relationship with your clients who will rave about your business to everyone they see.

For instance, look how many popular companies are using including Microsoft and Nike.  In fact, Facebook just announced they will integrate GetSatisfaction into the Fan pages.  Now, that’s awesome.  You can learn about that at Facebook integrates GetSatisfaction.

How can you apply social media seo into your business?

First of all, get a fan page for your cause, service or business.  Then talk to your fans and listen.  Obviously, when you are creating your fan page, you need to incorporate social media seo into it so your page can be found both of Facebook and Google.  But that’s for another discussion.  I could write an entire course on social media seo and how you should use it within Facebook.  But for now, make sure that you at least have your main keyword in the title of your fan page.

Now, you tell me, what is the most important thing you got out of this post?  How can I help you to grow bigger and better in your business?  Is there something I should do to help you in your marketing efforts?

Post your comments below and let me know.  Remember, social media seo is getting bigger and bigger every day and we can achieve greater results by working together.

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5 Comments on “Why Social Media SEO is Becoming More Powerful than SEO & How Facebook is Changing the Face of Business”

  1. alex |

    Wow, it certainly is indicative of what Americans want out of an online experience. And well, it would be foolish not to implement social media in the overall marketing strategy. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Thanks for the comment Alex. Yes, you are right. Social media is extremely powerful. You should see my wife socializing with her friends on Facebook 🙂

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  3. 63 Nobe Condo |

    Good thing you have done here, Thanks! This is a pretty up beat post about real estate that I am quoted in.

  4. armil |

    I agree with that. Social media really is powerful that is why it can get more traffic than of the other sites. That is why Facebook is really famous in the whole world and I think of the same for the Twitter. These two are the best sites of communicating to people. When we are using them it’s like we are talking to them in person because the respose is very quick

  5. Peter- REBB Founder |

    That’s a great point Armil. Thanks for sharing this with us. You are right, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most powerful social media websites out there.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat


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