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Facebook Real Time Search – How Real Estate Pros & Business Owners Can Exploit Facebook New Features To make more money for their business

Written on by Peter- REBB Founder

Facebook Real Time SearchFacebook is at it again with their new Facebook real time search.  Now, they added some powerful features that will help your real estate business to make more money.  What features you ask?  Those new features include:

Facebook Real Time Search

Liked articles will start appearing in search results
Facebook Open Graph improvements
Facebook Credits
Facebook Pages Browser

So, check out the video I made for you.  Pay close attention to the part where I talk about how your content can be found in the search results.  Personally, I think that’s huge!  After you finish watching the video, I would love for you to hit the like button and let your friends know about these new features.  Let me know what you think about this as well.

So, what did you think?  Are your creativity wheels turning in your head?  🙂  Do you see the possibilities that Facebook Real Time Search will do?  They are in mine.  Let me know your thoughts below especially about Facebook Credits and Facebook Real Time Search.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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6 Comments on “Facebook Real Time Search – How Real Estate Pros & Business Owners Can Exploit Facebook New Features To make more money for their business”

  1. akil |

    Great Video peter, I think the information provided in the video will make a huge different to any business once the individuals take the time to learn what and how they can use facebook to market effectively. Once your again your content is amazing.

  2. Peter- REBB Founder |

    Thanks Akil. I appreciate your kind words. I especially love how they added the ability for content to show up in their search. That is huge! To me, it sounds like their are somewhat creating their own search engine. 🙂

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  3. clyde leverett |

    Great information in this video, I think this will definitely alter the way we do business on the web. We definitely have to pay attention to Facebook and include it in our over all marketing goals. This is big but going to get huge.

  4. Provillus |

    It is really great that you added video to your post because it makes sense today. People are lazy and they better watch something than read so you did it rigth!

  5. Galvin Humphries |

    It is amazing how much and how often search options change. It is amazing to see how some people truly have a pulse on the times and can direct others like me to figure it out.

  6. Peter- REBB Founder |

    @Galvin Humphries

    That’s the thing Galvin. Stuff on the internet changes all the time. in fact, in the past week, Facebook made some major updates to the Groups and Google just eliminated their original Keyword Tool.

    Both changes have a impact on internet marketing. I’m happy to help you guys in any way possible. Let me know if you have any questions.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

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